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Воспламеняющая AuroraWillows из города Мюнхен. Мисс вселенная учится в Национальный исследовательский университет. В свободное время красавица любит заниматься хореографией. В свои 30 года красавица может похвастаться 213 тыс. подписчиков в Пинтерест, в котором модель постоянно делится своими откровенными фото. Сейчас мисс вселенная живет в Нью-Йорке и занимается фотосессиями, но помимо этой деятельности она известная адвокат и танцор. AuroraWillows очень талантливая девушка, любит творчество и аппетитная. У нее очень аппетитная внешность. Хозяйка пикантной фигуры не привыкла прятать ее от хитрых глаз.

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I’m embracing the rest of the week on streammate. Letting all my disappointed fans know where they can find me. I’m going to be active on my YouTube channels doing live shows. Mondays for my patreon Tiers, wednesday on my art channel and on twitchtv aurora_willows. Friday’s YouTube yoga channel live and twitchtv after that. Camming on SC till I get further notice from them and CB for the rest of this year, Tue Thursday Friday & sat. I’m from in and dedcatingfull full time to my channels, and content. 2020 is going to be amazing so don’t be sad, embrace the changes catch me live on YouTube to super chat which are monetized and twitch subscriptions & PayPal donations will be available once I get monetized there, however long that takes me to accomplish. Patreon Tiers and of course my $25.00 per month PH fan club for xrated content. New video added every Monday. I’m excited for this wonderful opportunity. On a side note I found a pea size lump on my left breast yesterday afternoon. It’s right behind the nipple. It’s hard, some pain Hopefully nothing.. I will monitor it this week if it does not go away with massage. I will seek DR opinion. I’m not doing radiation or chemotherapy. It is what it is I will embrace it and live my life till it’s over.Thank you so much to everyone that has signed up to my Patreon and my PH fan club this month, your continued support is giving me the strength and the courage to keep moving forward in my life. From the bottom of my heart I love you all so much. If you want to help me but don’t want to join my fan clubs.. just watch my YouTube videos. From start to finish without clicking through them. The longer you watch them the better it is for my channel analytics. Also view my art YouTube channel Mystic art and Creative Expressions . Watch all my videos so I can get the 4000 hrs watch time I need to get monetized. I’m half way to 1000 followers but it’s the watch time I need now. Thank you so much you guys for all you do for me. New content coming to keep things interesting for you on both channels. Keep stretching for a pain free body.

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I guess your in Canada